ModSecurity: Request body (Content-Length) is larger than the configured limit

Message : ModSecurity: Request body (Content-Length) is larger than the configured limit To resolve the issue, Modify your modsec2.conf and change the limit set for SecRequestBodyInMemoryLimit # vi /etc/httpd/conf/modsec2.conf Search for SecRequestBodyInMemoryLimit SecRequestBodyInMemoryLimit 531072 Increase the value as per your need, save the file and restart the apache service.

How to Install ioncube on Linux Centos 7

ionCube is a commercial software consisting of PHP encoders, it is used as an encryption / decryption utility for PHP applications where we can store our data securely. This tutorial will guide you how to install the PHP Ioncube Loaders module in the linux CentOS/ RHEL 7 system. 1) Download ioncube : # wget …

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How to Configure SSL Certificate in Apache Web Server

This article will show how you can enable ssl on you Apache web server container. ServerAdmin ServerName DocumentRoot /var/www/html/ <Directory “/var/www/html/”> Options FollowSymLinks MultiViews AllowOverride All #Allow from all <Directory “/var/www/html/”> <Files “*.php”> Order Deny,Allow Deny from All ErrorLog logs/domain.com_ssl_error.log TransferLog logs/domain.com_ssl_access.log # SSL Engine Switch: # Enable/Disable SSL for this virtual host. …

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