ModSecurity: Request body (Content-Length) is larger than the configured limit

Message : ModSecurity: Request body (Content-Length) is larger than the configured limit To resolve the issue, Modify your modsec2.conf and change the limit set for SecRequestBodyInMemoryLimit # vi /etc/httpd/conf/modsec2.conf Search for SecRequestBodyInMemoryLimit SecRequestBodyInMemoryLimit 531072 Increase the value as per your need, save the file and restart the apache service.

How to Install ioncube on Linux Centos 7

ionCube is a commercial software consisting of PHP encoders, it is used as an encryption / decryption utility for PHP applications where we can store our data securely. This tutorial will guide you how to install the PHP Ioncube Loaders module in the linux CentOS/ RHEL 7 system. 1) Download ioncube : # wget …

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How to Configure SSL Certificate in Apache Web Server

Apache is an open source web server software. It is the most popular web server software in use today, supporting over 70% of websites on the internet. Apache was originally developed by Brian Behlendorf, who wanted to create a free and open source alternative to Microsoft’s IIS web server software. Apache was initially released as …

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